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Gas Bands

A range of special purpose narrow band filters for gas and vapour analysis are generally available ex-stock at very competitive prices. Details are given below. Specifications are based on general customer requirements and experience over many years, although tighter tolerances, different bandwidths and filters for other gas bands are available on request.

Typical Performance


Range of CWL available Bandwidth at half of peak transmittance CWL tolerance Transmittance at CWL Blocking range limits
1.94µm (H2O) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
2.70µm (CO2) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
2.95µm (H2O) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
3.46µm (HC) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
4.26µm (CO2) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
4.50µm (N2O) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
4.70µm (CO) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
5.25µm (NO) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
7.40µm (SO2) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60% 0.3-30µm
10.60µm (CO2) 4-5% ±1.5% > 60%


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